Cost Saving Heating Myths To Avoid

Staying warm during the winter is important; however, not spending a fortune on your heating cost is equally important. If you want to keep your winter heating bills manageable, make sure you know what myths you want to avoid.

Close Vents To Save Money

Don't fall for the idea that closing your registers or vents is going to save you money. Typically, newer houses are designed with forced air heating units. These units work by balancing air pressure to ensure heat is evenly dispersed around your home. When you close one of your vents, you prevent the system from balancing the pressure correctly, which will in turn only cause the unit to work harder and ultimately, drive up your heating bill.

Minor Thermostat Adjustments Aren't Helpful

Some people think they can only achieve cost savings if they dramatically lower their thermostat setting during the winter. However, even a small temperature adjustment can help you keep more money in your wallet. The reality is that for every one degree you lower your thermostat, you can save 3 percent on your bill. For a homeowner who lowers their thermostat from 74 degrees to 68 degrees when they are at work, this could be as an 18 percent in savings.

Elevate Thermostat To Warm Home Faster

If you walk in your home and it's a brisk 65 degrees inside, turning your thermostat up to 90 degrees won't warm your home quickly. Remember that heating systems deliver heat in a home at a constant rate that is not dependent on the temperature setting. Regardless of the thermostat setting, the unit will only continue to heat a home at a regular pace until the desired temperate is reached. Engaging in this type of practice will only drive up your cost because your unit will have to work harder to achieve and maintain such a high temperature setting.

A Good Heating System Is All That's Important

While the efficiency of your heating system is an important part of keeping your heating cost lower, it's not at all the only factor. Insulation is important, especially when it comes to the areas around your windows and doors. If you have even a minor air leak around any of these areas, this can have a significant influence on the temperature inside your home. Make sure you are checking these areas periodically and replacing any damaged weather stripping to prevent these leaks.

If you're looking for more ways to save money on your heating costs, an heating and air conditioning contractor can help you.