Three Habits That Can Help Keep Your Air Conditioning Bill Manageable

Making the move to have central air conditioning installed in your home is a significant upgrade that can boost your home's value and your comfort level alike. Once you've arranged for a certified HVAC contractor to complete the job, you'll find it easy to set your thermostat, close up your windows and enjoy the cool air circulating through your home. What can take a period of adjustment, however, is getting used to using your air conditioning in a manner that keeps your electricity bill in check. Chilling your home too much might be pleasant, but you'll be sweating when the first bill arrives. Here are some cost-effective habits to adopt.

Don't Ignore Your Air Filter

The air filter on the air conditioning unit is something that you need to change regularly. When it becomes blocked, your air conditioner loses efficiency, which will result in it running longer and escalating your electricity bill unnecessarily. The conventional habit is to switch your dirty air filter for a clean one every 30 days, but exact span can vary according to the A/C and the home. Ask your installer if every 30 days suits your unit or if there's another rule to follow.

Use The Right Ceiling Fan Direction

Ceiling fans can help to keep your home cool enough that you'll be able to turn off your air conditioner sooner than usual -- just make sure the fan's blades are turning in the right direction. A fan should run counter-clockwise in the summer months; in this direction, the blades will circulate the room's air and make it feel breezy and cool inside your home. If the blades are spinning in the other direction, they'll pull the hot air from close to the ceiling down toward you, which will cause you to feel warmer and require further energy-consuming use of your air conditioner.

Don't Let Air Escape

The efficiency of your air conditioner is often greatly impacted by the number of small air leaks in your home. If these leaks -- typically surrounding windows and doors -- are prevalent, the cold air in your home will escape and allow warm air to enter. This forces the unit to continue to run as it works to keep the interior temperature comfortable. Look for air leaks and ensure that they're blocked. Caulking serves as an effective way to block leaks around windows, while new trim can replace old, worn trim around doors.

To learn more about the best ways to operate your air conditioner, speak to a company like Arlington Heating & Air Conditioning.