Three Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Keeping your air conditioning system in great condition is essential for ensuring that it is working as efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, it can be easy for homeowners to be unsure of the steps that are needed to keep the system in good condition. If this is the case for you, learning a few simple tips may help to reduce the risk of your system encountering problems.

Check The Condition Of The Condensing Unit's Fan

The condensing unit is essential for allowing the system to vent away the heat that it absorbs from the air. To help this system work efficiently, you will want to regularly check the condition of its fan. This fan is responsible for circulating air over the condensing coils, and, over time, the fan blades can become cracked or warped. If you notice that the fans are suffering these problems, you will want to contact a professional repair technician to replace the blades. Failure to have this fan replaced can result in further damage as the blades may break into small pieces and get lodged in the moving parts of the system.

Trim Any Nearby Shrubs

Most homeowners want to minimize the visibility of their air conditioning system. As a result, they may strategically place shrubs around the unit. However, it is important to make sure that the shrubs are not growing too close to the unit. If this happens, the unit's air flow may be inhibited, and this can severely impact the performance of your system. By trimming back any shrubs every few months, you can help to prevent this problem from causing avoidable performance issues.

Clear Debris From Your Unit's Drain

While it is in operation, the air conditioning system will create a large amount of condensation. This results from the cold air's reduced capacity to retain moisture. Without this drain, the unit's interior would flood as a result of this condensation. To protect your system against this particular problem, you will want to regularly check the drain on the air conditioning system. By removing debris, algae and other substances from around the drain, you will be able to help prevent it from becoming clogged and damaging your unit.

Knowing the steps to protect your air conditioning system from routine problems is important for any homeowner. By appreciating the need to check the condition of the condensing unit's fans, trimming away shrubs from the exterior unit and keeping the drain clean, you will be better prepared to avoid this potentially serious problems. For more tips, check out