Defeat Heat Gain To Improve AC Efficiency

If your house never heats up during the summer, then you will never need to run your AC. While a house that never heats up may be an ideal that is out of reach, you should be able to decrease heat gain and noticeably reduce your cooling costs. You just have to know the main ways that heat enters your home and how to stop heat in its tracks. 

The Weakness of Windows

Windows are a great way to let in natural light, and while natural light may reduce your reliance on lighting fixtures, the UV rays that stream into your home through windows can cause real problems. As the interior surfaces of your home absorb UV rays, they will heat up and then heat the air in your home. In order to reduce heat gain due to UV rays, you have to find a way to strain out UV rays without blocking all natural light from entering your home. This is where window film comes into the picture. A good window film will filter out 99% of UV rays and reduce your cooling costs by up to 23%.  While installing window film is a good step in the direction of saving money, you can do more. 

Reigning in Your Roof

Your roof is one of the areas that gets the most direct sunlight. Some roofing materials will absorb the sun's energy and convert it to heat, which then seeps into your home through your attic. While having the proper amount of attic insulation will help, you can do more. Metal is a naturally reflective material, and when treated with an emissive coating, it will deflect the sun's energy away from your home before it has a chance to cause problems. In fact, metal roofing can reduce your cooling costs by as much as 40%

It is important to note that you can't add a 23% savings with window film and a 40% savings with metal roofing for a total reduction in cooling costs of 63%. Your actual savings will vary depending on the climate you live, the efficiency of your AC system, and other factors. Still, what the above numbers should indicate is that savings favor proactive homeowners. If you are sick of high cooling costs, then there are steps you can take to make your costs more manageable. If you are a looking for a good place to start, installing window film is not expensive, but it will have a big impact, so it is one of the most cost-effective options on the table.  

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