Heating Your Home With A Forced Hot Water Heating System

Heating your home with a forced hot water boiler system offer some additional benefits beyond heating. A whole house boiler system offers you nearly instant hot water at the tap and recovers faster than a traditional water heater. A boiler system can be put in the house when it is built or added to an older house if you decide you want to upgrade your old heating system.

Efficiency and Convenience

Older homes we often built with forced hot air heat and a hot water tank for hot water. In their time, they were great, but they do have their problems. Hot air systems produce heat through heat the air and blowing it into the house. The air cools quickly and the system has to run again to reheat the room. This is not efficient at all. The same could be said about the water heater. They have to turn on and off a lot to keep the water hot inside the tank. In both cases, the cost of doing this is the bill you get every month from the power company.

Updating Older Homes

If you have a home that used hot air heating or electric baseboards, you can hire an HVAC contractor to come in and remove the system and replace it with a boiler system. They will need to run pipes around the home to all the baseboards for the water to run through but most companies are very good at hiding the runs inside a wall or under a floor. If you have concerns about how the system will look in your older home, talk with the contractor to get a baseboard style that works for you.

Zone Heating

Heating your home in zones means that you can control the heat differently in different parts of the home. This is a huge money saver if you have a section of the home you don't use much and don't want to heat. Often the upstairs and main part of the house are zoned differently. Since heat rises, having a second zone upstairs is a great option. You can leave the temperature in the upstairs a little lower and save some costs. Zones can be used in any configuration from upstairs/downstairs or from different sections of the home when the system is installed.

Underfloor Radiant Heating

Another great option to add to your hot water heating system is underfloor radiant heating. Flexible tubing is installed under the floor in areas that have tiles or wood flooring. Installing the tubing under the tiles in a bathroom means no more walking onto a cold tile floor in the morning and the room will still be heated very efficiently.

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