2 Easy Solutions For Adding Heat To Your Home

Do you need to add a little extra heat to your home this winter? Does it seem like keeping your home at a comfortable temperature is becoming more difficult and more expensive than it used to be? This article offers two great solutions for adding some heat to your HVAC system.

1. Professional Maintenance

First of all, it is important that you have your HVAC system regularly serviced by a HVAC service technician. That is, the lack of regular service and cleaning of certain components can be the cause of your reduced efficiency. So, before you invest in any extra heating devices or appliance, you want to make sure that whatever you currently have is working at maximum deficiency. Many HVAC technician will come to your house for free and inspect your system, giving you a diagnosis of what needs to be fixed.

At the very least, a simple duct and filter cleaning could improve airflow, and therefore make your system more efficient. However, if your system has been serviced and it is running and maximum efficiency, there are a few simple options for adding heat to your rooms.

2. Ductless Electric Heat Pumps

Ductless electric heat pumps are probably the cheapest and easiest ways to make your space is a little warmer. They are particularly ideal get there seems to be one or two rooms in your house that stay cooler than the rest. Instead of overcompensating, and making the rest of the house too hot, it ductless heat pump in the cold room can easily solve your problem.

There are pretty much two types of ductless heat pumps, mounted and free stand. Mounted units are attached to the wall, and ideal if floor space is an issue. Modern, low profile units aren't that heavy, and can be install just about anywhere, as long as the court can reach a power plug. Freestanding heat pumps are usually on some sort of wheeled cart so they can be moved around the room. This can be very convenient, especially if you need to move the pump from room to room. That being said, since the pump still need to be plugged in, it can be inconvenient and annoying to have a extension cord running through the middle of the room. With a system that is regularly maintained, and heat pumps to add warmth where needed, you can have a comfortably and efficiently keep your home warm.