How To Install Air Conditioning In A Hobby Shed

Air conditioning in a shed is an unusual thing. Air conditioning in a hobby shed is not so unusual. In fact, installing air conditioning in a hobby shed can provide you with hours of comfort while you do woodwork, quilting, or even artist's paintings. Here is what that would entail, and how cooling system repairs may apply in the future.

The Size of the Shed

The first thing an HVAC technician would have to do is to look at the size of the shed. You could easily install a portable indoor air conditioner that vents to the outside, but a heat pump may work quite nicely as well. If you opt for the heat pump, then you can avoid using a space heater in the cooler or colder months too. (A full-sized air conditioning system for a residence may be too much for a shed if the shed is the size of a single stall garage or smaller.)

The Needs of Your Hobby

Some hobbies, such as woodworking or artist's painting, requires that your materials be kept in a relatively cool and comfortable place all year long. Artist's paint cannot be kept in freezing or boiling temperatures, so you have to maintain the environment of your hobby shed throughout the year. Likewise, woodworking power tools would overheat in a hot shed, so you would need to keep things cool. If temperatures do not affect your hobby at all, then you are free to select from several more heating and/or cooling options.

The Presence of Electricity

Is your hobby shed already wired for electricity, or will the HVAC technician need to wire your shed to the nearest power source? This is definitely a big deal, since the amount of power that each heating and cooling option requires dictates the need or no need for electricity. You could also discuss the options available to you if you purchase and operate a power generator next to your shed. 

Making Future Repairs

You must also consider any future repairs and maintenance for your hobby shed's heating and cooling system. How simple or complex do you expect the heating and/or cooling system repairs to be? If you want it all to be as simple as it possibly can be, ask the HVAC technician what he or she would recommend. Taken into consideration with all of the above factors, you can choose the best system for environmental control inside your hobby shed.