4 Tips to Maintain Boilers and Radiant Heating Systems to Save Energy This Winter

Radiant heating systems and boilers need maintenance just like forced-air systems. If you want to improve the energy efficiency of your heating and reduce energy costs over the winter months, good maintenance routines will help ensure your heating is working as efficiently as possible. Here are some tips to help maintain radiant heating systems and boilers to save energy this winter:

1. Clean and Service Boilers in Fall before Cold Weather

One of the first things that needs to be done in preparation for the winter months is cleaning the boiler. You want to remove any clutter from the boiler area and make sure that the unit is clean and free of dust. In addition, it is a good idea to have the boiler serviced and small repairs completed before you begin using your heating during the winter months.

2. Check Fuel Systems and Make Sure You Have Fuel for Winter

The fuel systems of boilers are also important for radiant heating systems. Before the cold weather arrives, you will want to revise fuel systems to make sure they are clean and that you have plenty of fuel if you have gas service utilities and use propane or natural gas storage tanks to heat your home. The maintenance should also include cleaning fuel filters and making sure that fuel delivery systems are working properly.

3. Prepare Radiators and Bleed Air Out of the Heating System

Another test that needs to be done for boilers during the winter months is bleeding the radiators and removing air from the system. This is done with bleeder valves that are located on radiators and on radiant heating plumbing. You need to loosen the valves to allow air out of the lines. Open the valves until there is only liquid coming out and no more air.

4. Inspect Radiators and Heating System Lines for Leaks and Repair Them

In addition to bleeding air out of the system, you will also want to inspect it for problems. Before you begin using your heating, you will want to inspect the radiators, pipes, and connections for leaks that need to be repaired. Leaks can cause damage to your home and hamper the efficiency of your radiant heating system.

These are some radiant heating maintenance tips that will help you reduce your energy costs this winter. If you need help with maintenance and improvements to your boiler radiant heating system, contact a heating repair company like A & A Service Company for help.