Why Should You Install Your Commercial AC Unit On The Roof?

Commercial air conditioning units are quite large, and as such, there are only so many places you can put them. Some businesses opt to put the air conditioning unit behind the building or on a platform mounted to one of the more hidden sides of the building. However, most businesses choose to put this large appliance on the roof. Here are five reasons why this is the most popular option -- and a good one for you to consider.

1. It won't conflict with your building's look.

You may figure that placing the appliance at the back of the building or on a platform puts it out of the way enough. This might be true with the current way that you use your building, but what if you want to make some changes? Adding a back entryway might not be feasible if you have a large air conditioner in the back, making the area seem dingy and crowded. And if the business next to you decides to add on a back patio, then all of their patrons will see the air conditioner at the back of your building. Although there's nothing wrong with having an air conditioner, it's not a beautiful piece of equipment -- and probably not the thing you want people to see first when they look at your building. With the AC unit on the roof, it is completely out of sight -- always. You and neighboring businesses can remodel without worry.

2. Rooftop placement is quieter.

Commercial air conditioners are high-powered units, and even the best models make quite a bit more noise than the air conditioner you might have at home. If you were to place the AC unit to the side of your building, those in the rooms closest to it might hear it humming along during the summer. This could be distracting, especially in an office setting. With the AC unit on the roof, you won't hear a thing. The insulation between the upper-floor ceiling and the air conditioner will serve as a damper to the sound.

3. Roofs don't see as much debris and dirt.

If debris blows into your air conditioning unit, it can interfere with the operation and impact your energy efficiency. With such a large unit, a little dirt could mean a difference of a few hundred dollars in your monthly cooling bill! Plus, debris accumulation can lead to premature breakdowns. You don't want to have to go without AC in a commercial building.

Air conditioners on the roof see a lot less debris than those closer to the ground, especially if your building is tall. You won't need to have the unit cleaned as often, and your efficiency should remain higher.

4. You don't have to worry about vandals.

Even in the best neighborhood, there are a few troublemakers who may decide to vandalize your property for seemingly no reason at all. Although your business insurance should cover vandalism to your AC unit, you will still have to do without AC until it gets fixed. Your unit is a lot safer on the roof, where nobody but your trained maintenance workers will be able to access it.

5. You save space.

Chances are that you don't have acres and acres of extra space around your building. You might want to use it for a few picnic tables or a little garden where your workers can eat lunch. It would be a shame to use up all the space on an air conditioner. Put it on the roof, and you can save all that space for yourself.

The best place for your air conditioner is on the roof. Talk to a local HVAC contractor, such as Robison  Air, to learn more.