2 Reasons You May Need To Replace Your HVAC System

The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system (HVAC) in your home controls the temperature inside during the entire year. In the winter, it provides heating, and in the summer, it provides cooling. Even when the temperature is not extreme on either side of the thermometer, the system fan can move air throughout the home, creating much-needed ventilation. If the system is not working, you may need to consider replacing it.

Aging HVAC Units

HVAC units that have been around a while can simply wear out over time. The HVAC unit runs all year in most homes, and it does not get a break even at night or when there is no one home. The system temperature is set, and if everything is running right, you may not look at it again until it is time to make the switch from cooling to heating in your home. 

Once the HVAC unit gets to be ten or twelve years old, it can start to be hard to find parts for it, and replacing the unit may be necessary if you have a major breakdown. By the time an HVAC unit has been in the home for twenty years, replacing it with a newer, higher-efficiency model is almost a requirement. 

Expanding Your Home

Adding on to an existing home to make it better fit your family's needs is not uncommon, and as you increase the square footage of the home, you are adding more load to the HVAC system that is heating and cooling your home. The system may have been enough for the home when you bought it, but adding space means you are going to have to expand the air and heat ducts in the home to include the new space.

The HVAC system may not be large enough to provide heating and cooling for that extra space, so you may need to replace the unit with a larger one. The service company you use for HVAC installation services in Dayton, OH, will be able to help you determine if the unit you have is large enough or not. If the system is not large enough to handle the addition, talk to the HVAC company about your options and how much it will cost to replace the HVAC unit with a larger one that will better cover the entire home. 

Most of the time, the existing ductwork is sufficient to do the job, but you will need to extend it to the new rooms during the construction of the additional space.