Air Conditioner Problems After A Power Loss: Four Common Issues

When power is restored after a power outage, everything goes right back to its normal working order, right? If you are inquiring about an air conditioner, the answer is most of the time. A sudden loss of power can sometimes trigger issues with an air conditioner that may prevent it from functioning like it is supposed to. Learn a few of the signs of trouble after a power loss. 

Circuit Breaker

If the air conditioner will not power back on once power is restored, check the circuit breaker first. Circuit breakers are designed to shut off power delivery to a particular circuit when it detects a high current. Sometimes, the breaker mistakes the resurge of power as a high current and trips, or turns off power, to that particular circuit. If the circuit for your air conditioner is in the off position, this issue is likely to blame. You should be able to flip it back to the on position. 

Control Board

Your air conditioner has what it is known as a control board. The control board works very much like the motherboard in a computer by controlling every function of the unit. An important thing to remember is that the control board is made up of a variety of electrical components. A sudden loss or surge of power can damage these components. A unit that powers on but does not function properly is often an indication of control board damage. 


All air conditioners contain a component called a capacitor. This component operates similarly to a battery in that it helps to power the system. Naturally, if the capacitor is damaged — the unit will not power on. When power is finally restored, it often comes back in a jolting fashion. As a result, a rush of electricity surges through a home's electrical system very quickly. This rush can fry the capacitor. In this scenario, the component needs to be replaced.


If you only feel warm air after power is restored, there is a good chance that your unit has suffered compressor damage. Again, the main problem with a power loss is that there is often a surge of power when the power is finally restored. This influx of electrical energy can also damage the compressor, which is the outdoor component of your air conditioner that is largely responsible for the cooling process. So, if there is an issue with the compressor, the system can no longer adequately cool air. 

If you are experiencing an issue with your air conditioner after a power loss, do not hesitate to contact an air conditioning repair technician as soon as possible to get to the bottom of the problem.