Warning Signs That Your Air Ducts Are In Need Of Professional HVAC Repair

When it comes to your HVAC system, you probably spend at least some time performing maintenance on your actual heater and air conditioner, but what the system that those devices use to get the heated or cooled air where it needs to go? Your air ducts are just as important as any other major part of your HVAC system when it comes to keeping your home at the right temperature. An air duct that's lost its seal or is encountering other problems will cause your entire HVAC system to run much less efficiently and your energy bill will likely go up as a result. Regular inspection for your air ducts is key, but here are some potential warning signs you should keep an eye out for in the meantime. If you encounter any of the following scenarios, you might have an air duct system that is in need of professional HVAC repair.

One Room is Always at the Wrong Temperature

Do you have one room in the house that just doesn't feel right? Maybe it's colder than the rest of the house in the winter and warmer than the rest of the house in the summer? If this is the case, you should obviously first check to make sure the vents in the room are properly opened. But if the problem continues, it is likely you have an issue with your air duct system. The air ducts might have a tear or leak that is causing air to leak out before it can get to the room in question.

You Have Weaker Than Normal Airflow in Multiple Vents

If the problem with the temperature isn't just in one room, there could be a variety of issues in play, but your air ducts are still a likely culprit. One way to test if there is an issue with your air ducts or not is to hold your hand to the vent in multiple rooms to test the incoming airflow. If it seems weaker than normal in multiple rooms, it's likely that dust or debris is to blame. Air ducts need to be professionally cleaned on a regular basis to remove dust build-up. By removing dust, you will make it easier for air to travel through the system and out of the vents.

Do You Find Yourself Changing Your Air Filter a Little Too Often?

Most homeowners will change their air filter at least once per season if not once per month during the heavy use season of their HVAC system. But if you check in on your air filter and see that it is once again covered in dirt and dust not that long after you installed a new one, your air ducts are again likely to blame. The air coming out of your vents is picking up too much dust from your dirty air ducts and it's clogging the filter far too soon.

If you feel your air ducts are not working properly, contact an HVAC repair specialist near you.