Mini-Split Ductless Air Conditioning Installation To Update Your Home With Modern AC

If you are ready to update your home with a modern air conditioning system, installing a central HVAC system may be expensive and impractical. There is another solution to cool your home—ductless air conditioning. Today, there are options for mini-split systems that can provide an average-sized home with the cooling it needs during hot summer heatwaves. The following ductless AC installation information will help you choose the right system design for the needs of your home:

Deciding the size of the ductless system for your home

Just like with central HVAC systems, the size of your mini-split AC has to be planned and calculated. The AC unit has to be large enough to cool the cubic air space in your home. This space is measured in tons. The system that will work best for your home may vary, so you will need to talk to your installer about the size of the system you need.

Mini-split systems and positioning interior air handlers

With mini-split ductless air conditioning, the air handlers are indoor units that mount on the wall. This is where the system blows cool air into your home, and the air handlers need to be positioned correctly for efficiency and comfort. Some of the things to remember about positioning ductless air handlers include:

  • Air should not blow directly on people or furniture
  • Evenly space mini-split air handlers apart
  • Space air handlers to cool different spaces

These are mounting practices to consider when looking for the best place to install the air handlers of your mini-split system.

Protecting the outdoor AC unit from weather and damage

The AC unit of a ductless system is installed outside your home like a central HVAC system. Therefore, you will want to carefully plan to make sure you install the air conditioner in an area that is protected from weather and things that can cause damage, like trees and plants in landscaping. You can even build an enclosure for the unit to protect it from the elements and keep it safe from being damaged. If you do enclose the area where the AC unit is installed, make sure the area is open and has enough space.

Heat pump options to also provide your home with heating

If you are installing a ductless air conditioner, you may want to have more than just cooling options. Today, there are also options for ductless AC heat pumps, which are ideal for areas with mild winters to provide efficient heating. Ask your AC installer about options for a ductless heat pump for your home.

Installing a ductless air conditioning system can be the perfect solution to update your home with cooling before next summer's heat. Call a company that offers air conditioning installation services to discuss the ductless HVAC options for the needs of your home.