Heating Upgrades That Will Help Keep You Warm Through Winter Without Problems

If you are tired of high heating bills and the cost of repairs every winter season, upgrades could be a good investment. Today, there are a lot of solutions that can help to make your heating system more efficient. The following heating system improvements will reduce your energy bills and ensure you do not have problems during the winter weather:

Improvements to Duct Design for Airflow

The ducts of your HVAC system can be improved for better airflow, which will improve the efficiency and performance of your heating. Some ways that you can upgrade your ducts include:

  • Reduce duct lengths to stop thermal loss
  • Use rigid ducts with durable insulation
  • Add automated dampers to maximize airflow

The upgraded ducts will help improve the airflow, efficiency, and longevity of your heating system. These ductwork design improvements can also be combined with other upgrades to get the most out of your investment.

Upgrading the Heating Blower Fan for Efficiency

The heating blower fan is a simple component upgrade to improve your system's performance and efficiency. Some of the solutions to consider for upgrading the blower fan of your system include:

  • Upgrading fan blades
  • Installing a variable-speed motor
  • Adding duct booster fans

The improvements to the blower fan will make your system more efficient. They will also reduce the wear of components that often need repairs during the winter season. 

Installing Electric Ignition Systems to Improve Performance

An electric ignition system could be another improvement that you may want to invest in. These are modern solutions that do away with the pilot light to make the system more reliable. With an electric ignition system for your gas furnace, you will not have to light the pilot light again. If you have an electric furnace, you can update the heating element with more efficient and modern components.

Add Electrostatic Filter Systems That Improve Air Quality and Performance

Another simple improvement for your heating system is to install an electrostatic filter. These filters use static electricity to capture particles in the air. This will improve the air quality in your home during winter weather. They reduce the dust that causes wear and damage to the furnace. This will help reduce problems with costly repairs when you need your heating the most in cold weather.

The heating improvements can be a great investment that will pay for themselves through energy savings and fewer repair calls. Contact a heating service and talk to them about options for these improvements for your system.