Radiant Heating Options to Keep Your Home Warm and Comfortable for Less

If you want to have a more efficient heating system for your home, radiant heating gives you the most options. There are options like radiators, in-floor, and hydro-air systems that can all use one boiler. You may choose to use a combination of these types of systems, or you may just want to use one. The following radiant heating options will help you choose the best systems for the needs of your home:

Conventional Radiators and Baseboard Heating

The old conventional radiators can be a good solution for the heating needs of your home. Today, there are options like restoring old radiators or having newer models with a modern design installed in your home. Options for radiators and baseboard heating elements include:

  • Antique, refurbished radiators
  • Conventional radiators with a modern design
  • Baseboard heating elements

If you want to have a more modern design, you may want to use low-profile radiators. There are even options for towel warmer radiators in bathrooms.

In-floor Heating Solutions for Comfort and Convenience

There are also in-floor heating solutions to consider for your home. There are many in-flooring options for a new radiant heating system, including:

  • Copper tubing beneath tile flooring
  • Plastic(Plex) tubing beneath different flooring materials
  • In-floor heating solutions for bathrooms or kitchens

The installation of an in-flooring heating system is one of the best options. It will give you an efficient heating solution that is out of sight. These are perfect if you are planning on installing new flooring in your home soon too.

Options for Forced-Air Heating with Hydro-Air Heating Systems

There are also forced-air heating solutions that can be used for your home. These systems need some specialized features to provide heating to your home, including:

  • Water heaters or boiler installation
  • Specially designed duct plenum with heat exchanger
  • Air handler and specially designed ductwork

The installation of a hydro-air system can be a great investment to provide your home with affordable and comfortable heating.

Installing the Best Boilers for New Radiant Heating Systems

When installing a radiant heating system, you also want to consider the type of boiler you use. These can be various solutions, including:

  • Natural gas and oil
  • Electric boilers
  • Biomass boilers

The installation of more efficient boilers will also help to reduce your winter energy costs. This can also provide energy savings for the energy you use to heat water when you are not using your household heating.

The installation of a radiant heating system will help you save energy. If you are ready to install one of these systems, contact a heating service to discuss the options for your heating needs.