AC Repairs To Plan For When Your System Fails, And Your Home Heats Up

When your AC stops cooling your home, the problems are not always minor. Sometimes, there may be major repairs that you need to plan for to get your home cool again. These repairs include things like replacing the compressor and upgrades. The following AC repair information will help you plan for these major projects when your air conditioner stops cooling:

Electrical Failures With AC Equipment 

Often, electrical problems are what cause AC systems to not work when they should. Sometimes, electrical problems are minor and simple repairs like replacing a capacitor will fix the issue. The AC electrical problems can also be more serious electrical damage. This can be due to lightning storms and electrical surges that damage controls and your air conditioner's wiring.

Issues With Leaks Causing AC to Heat Up

The problems with the AC unit can also be due to leaks that affect the cooling of your system. If there is an AC refrigerant leak, it can lead to the system slowly cooling less. When the problem gets severe enough, it can cause issues with the air conditioner starting to heat your home rather than cool it. These problems are often due to issues with wear and components that have been neglected. Usually, when there are leaks, there are going to be major repairs that need to be done to get your system charged and working again.

Damage to the AC Compressor Motor

The AC compressor is another area that often needs repairs when there is a problem with your cooling. Often, damage to the compressor is too severe to be repaired, and it needs to be replaced. If you are going to need a new compressor to repair your AC, ask the technician about other improvements that can be done to make your air conditioner more efficient.

Damaged Blower Fans and Ductwork

The blower fan of your AC system can also be the cause of major problems with your system. This damage might be to the fan blades or the motor, which can cause the system to make noise and reduce the air coming out of vents. In addition to the blower, problems with severe damage to the AC ducts may require major repairs that need to be planned.

The AC repairs that need to be done to your home are sometimes more complicated than just replacing a part. An AC repair service can help plan these repairs when your cooling has stopped working. To learn more, contact a company like Handy Air LLC.