Top Signs You Need AC Repair Services ASAP

The importance of a well-functioning air conditioner on a sultry hot day cannot be spoken of enough. Without it, you would sweat profusely and wish for a cold bath over and over again. To save yourself from the hassles that come with an air conditioner conking out when you need it most, you should always check for signs of damage. Here are four surefire signs you need air conditioning repair services. 

High Indoor Humidity

During the spring and summer, it's normal to experience sweltering weather conditions outdoors. But you don't expect high humidity indoors. Your air conditioner should be able to maintain humidity levels at 30% to 50% to ensure your home isn't stuffy. 

Therefore, air conditioning repair is needed if you find yourself wiping away moisture from your forehead every now and then while your AC is still running. Sometimes, the issue can be solved by a simple re-calibration, but if it's advanced, you may consider a whole-house dehumidifier. 

Poor Air Flow

If there's little or no air flowing through your air conditioner's vents, the compressor may be failing. But if some rooms or areas in your home are getting proper airflow while others don't, the issue might be with the ductwork. Sometimes, debris may get stuck in the vents, which not only obstructs airflow but also poses a health risk to you and your loved ones. 

After a professional inspection, your HVAC contractor will inform you what the problem is. If the issue is with the ductwork, cleaning it might help to restore normal airflow. They may also introduce zoning systems to redirect regulated air to specific parts of your home. This creates customized temperature zones for increased efficiency and comfort in your home. 

Frequent Short Cycles

While your AC may turn on more frequently during hot summer days, it shouldn't constantly turn on and off. When that happens, your AC will take longer to reach the required temperature and waste significant energy. 

There are various causes of short cycling, including clogged air filters, malfunctioning evaporator coils, control board malfunctions, and insufficient refrigerant levels. In most cases, the only way to know the exact cause of the problem is to have an air conditioner expert inspect it. After that, they can determine the right repair action. 

Bad Odors

An unpleasant smell coming from your AC can make your home uninhabitable. The type of smell can help you determine the possible cause. A musty smell could signify bacterial growth building up, which is a serious health hazard. If the smell resembles that of decomposing matter, there could be dead critters stuck in your ductwork. And, if the odor is akin to smelly socks, the drain pan could be having stagnant water.

Adding an ultraviolet (UV) lamp near your AC's evaporator coil can eliminate microbial growth and improve your indoor air quality. Duct cleaning may also get rid of odor issues resulting from the ductwork. 

Contact a local HVAC contractor if you have more questions about AC repair.