Should You Ask a Professional to Clean Your Home’s Drains?

Drain cleaning is a task that seems deceptively simple. There are lots of over-the-counter products for cleaning drains, and many folks will take a crack at the job themselves. You may find, though, that achieving a long-term solution isn't as easy as you had hoped. When is it time to ask for the help of a draining cleaning service professional?

1. Slow or No Draining

Especially if you've taken a shot at cleaning a drain with products or home solutions, it's wise to know when to ask for help. You may have gone as far as plunging or even snaking the drain if you have the tools to do so. Once the drain shows little to no improvement after giving cleaning a serious try, you'd be wise to let a professional do their thing. If you're seeing backups, it's time to call a pro. You don't want to have undrained water anywhere in your house for any period as it's a potential health hazard.

2. Noises

Some drains give a bit of warning they're starting to clog. A common sign is slightly monstrous sounds, especially when the basic is close to drained and the water is circling the bottom. The air pressure between the pipe and the basin will interact through a narrowing opening, and the net effect is often a gurgle or growl. If this occurs regularly when you drain a sink after doing dishes, for example, it's a good idea to contact a drain cleaning service.

3. Smells

Bad smells are another sign of trouble is when a drain starts clogging. Once more, the difference in air pressure causes equalization in the drain. In addition to funky noises, it can push some weird smells up. Sometimes you can treat this with home remedies like baking soda or vinegar. If they prove to be persistent after you've tried a few simple solutions, you should ask someone qualified to check the problem out.

4. Recurring Trouble

A lot of DIY solutions do the job for a while. However, such solutions should provide months or years of relief from trouble. If you notice a clog redeveloping within weeks, there's probably a bigger problem going on.

Don't persist with at-home solutions. Some drain cleaning products can damage protective rings that seal the pipes, and this may cause leaks. A fix for the problem can go from the hundreds of dollars to a list of repairs in the thousands of dollars quickly. Have a pro solve the issue the right way if it keeps coming back.