Reasons Behind Your AC System Not Cooling

Air conditioner units not cooling your space should be a huge concern, especially if it happens during summer. Living in a house with a faulty air conditioner becomes so uncomfortable. Therefore, you'll have to contact an air conditioning repair expert to correct the issue. But what causes your air conditioner not to produce cold air?

Clogged Air Filters

Before you call an HVAC expert to repair your AC system, check whether the filters are the problem. Experts recommend changing the air filters after some time because they get dirty very fast. If you allow dust, pollen, and other small particles to accumulate on the air filters, your AC system will have difficulty cooling your rooms. Besides, clogged filters are notorious for restricting airflow. So, if you haven't changed your filters in a long time, it could be the reason behind your AC unit not cooling.

Your Air Conditioner Is Small

If you have just installed a small AC system, you may feel the air around you is taking longer to cool or not cooling at all. A small air conditioning unit will always struggle to cool a large home. So, if you pick the wrong air conditioner size without knowing, you'll have to replace it with a larger one. Otherwise, you'll have to put up with your home's warm and humid conditions.

Blocked Air Condenser

A blocked air condenser is another possible reason for your air conditioner not cooling your space. Depending on where you have placed the condenser, it may collect plenty of dust, pollen, and debris. Once these particles build up in the condenser, they'll restrict cold air from entering your home. You can, however, prevent that from happening by having the condenser cleaned after a couple of months.

Faulty Thermostat

Your thermostat automates the operation of your air conditioner. You only have to key in your setting for it to do the job. Unfortunately, a faulty thermostat will interfere with the operation of your AC unit. So, if your home is not cooling, check whether the thermostat is defective. If it has malfunctioned, it can't send signals to the compressor to start the cooling cycle.

Leaked Refrigerant

Air conditioning units rely on refrigerants to cool the air. So, if the refrigerant leaks, the AC system will obviously struggle to cool your home. Your system will certainly have a difficult time trying to keep up. Additionally, the cooling cycles will be abnormally long if the refrigerant leaks. So, if you notice that the refrigerant levels have dropped significantly, hire an HVAC expert to repair the leaks and refill the refrigerant.  

To read more about AC repair, visit a local company's website.