When To Consider Heating System Service To Ensure You Are Ready For Winter

The heating system in your home may not be used throughout the warmer parts of the year, so having a technician do a heating service before winter is essential. Dust, dirt, and other things can settle in the ductwork or inside the heating system, so an inspection and cleaning is the best way to ensure your system is ready when the cool weather arrives. 

System Inspections

Before you turn on the heat in your home, it is a good idea to have your heating service come and inspect the system. Checking the motors and belts, the electronics, and all the parts of the system is vital.

Most heating systems sit unused for months at a time, and something as simple as a worn belt that cracks and hardens as it sits could shut the system down if it fails when you start the system. The heating service tech can inspect the entire system and make note of what issues need correcting before the system is put back in service. 

Because you may need the heat as fall weather sets in, it is a good idea to have the inspection and service done in the late summer or early autumn to ensure you have time for repairs or other work that needs completing before the first use of the heating system for the year. 

Duct Cleaning

Hot air heating systems use air ducts to circulate the heated air throughout your home in the wintertime. Often dirt and dust can settle in the heating ducts during the warmer months, so you may want to talk to your heating service about duct cleaning before starting the heating system. 

Homes with HVAC systems and air conditioning using the same ducts may not have this issue, but if you have a system that sits dormant all year, you will most likely find that dirt and dust are the first things out of the vents when you start the heating system. A duct cleaning service can come and remove the dirt for you, and the heating service may have someone they can recommend in the area if they don't provide duct cleaning themselves. 

Making Repairs

The off-season is an excellent time to make repairs to your heating system, but you must have the time to finish any work on the system before you need it. The heating service you use to repair and maintain your furnace can make those repairs in the summer if you plan.

Since the summer months for a heating service are often slow, getting upgrades or repairs done during that time means you get better service, and the tech can take their time and get the repairs done right. Plan your repairs and service to take advantage of this time, and when the weather turns cold, your heating system will be ready.  

Reach out to a local heating service to learn more.