Questions To Ask When Having Your Furnace Repaired

Most furnaces eventually need some sort of repair. Maybe yours will need some new ball bearings in the blower motor. Or perhaps it will need a new ignition switch. Most furnace repairs are relatively routine and can be handled by a local HVAC contractor. For the most part, you can just stay out of the way and let the HVAC contractor do the work. But there are a few questions you should consider asking your HVAC contractor before they get started.

Is there more than one approach?

Sometimes, there is only one way an HVAC contractor can repair a certain furnace problem. For example, if a ball bearing is worn out, replacing that ball bearing is really the only option. Other times, however, there may be more than one approach that the HVAC contractor can take. For instance, that might be able to either replace or repair a frayed belt in the blower motor. It's worth asking your HVAC contractor if there are any alternatives to the approach they plan on taking. They may suggest an approach that is cheaper or more in line with your needs.

Are they using branded or generic parts?

A furnace repair contractor can either use parts made by the manufacturer of your furnace, or they can use generic parts made to fit a variety of furnaces. It's worth asking which option your repair team plans on using. Brand-specific parts often last a bit longer and are better made, but they also tend to be more expensive. If you're on a budget or plan on replacing your furnace soon anyways, you might prefer your repair person uses generic parts. This may or may not be an option, depending on the part in question. 

Will the repairs be covered under warranty?

Usually, an HVAC contractor will check whether there is a warranty in effect before they begin making repairs. But if your repair contractor does not bring this up, you should ask them about it. They can double-check to see whether your repairs are covered under a warranty from the equipment's manufacturer. Or, if a different company installed your unit, they may need to contact that company to find out whether there's any warranty that applies.

It's never a bad idea to get more information before agreeing to furnace repairs. Ask these questions, and know that if you have any other questions, most HVAC contractors will be happy to answer them.  

For more info about furnace maintenance, contact a local company.