2 Tips For Choosing An Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning System To Install For Your House

With the arrival of warm weather, you may have started up your home's air conditioning system only to find that it is no longer working and need to have a new one installed. Because your previous system caused significant increases in your home's energy bills, you may be looking for an air conditioner that is more energy efficient.  While looking at a potential system's Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating is a good place to start, there are other factors that should also be considered. Read More 

Tips For Updating Your Home With A New Heating System

Replacing your heating system is a significant investment that will impact your home's comfort for years. Therefore, you need to be thoroughly prepared before deciding on a new heating unit for your house. To this end, several best practices can help you navigate this significant upgrade to your home. Evaluate Your Current Heating System's Efficiency And Performance Before you can decide on a replacement heating system, you need to assess the performance of your current unit. Read More 

5 Signs Repairs Are In Your Heat Pump’s Near Future

Heat pumps are one of the more efficient solutions in the HVAC world. These systems, however, need to operate within relatively tight specifications to deliver those results. Consequently, scheduling heat pump services quickly when you know there's a problem can save you money and grief. You can tell repairs are in the system's near future by looking for these five signs that something's wrong. Weak or No Airflow Steady airflow is a key factor in a heat pump's efficiency. Read More 

Air Conditioning Repair Or Replacement? Ask These 2 Questions First

Does your AC system constantly cycle on and off, cool your home unevenly, or refuses to turn on more than just occasionally? If you're not sure whether these and other similar issues will require an air conditioning repair or a full replacement, take a look at the questions to ask right now.  Is This the System's First Major Issue?  Your system has given you cool air for years without a major issue. Read More 

Questions To Ask When Having Your Furnace Repaired

Most furnaces eventually need some sort of repair. Maybe yours will need some new ball bearings in the blower motor. Or perhaps it will need a new ignition switch. Most furnace repairs are relatively routine and can be handled by a local HVAC contractor. For the most part, you can just stay out of the way and let the HVAC contractor do the work. But there are a few questions you should consider asking your HVAC contractor before they get started. Read More