2 Things To Consider When Shopping For A Room AC

When it comes to the relief they offer in hot weather, air conditioners hold a special place in the hearts of most homeowners. Unfortunately, many people end up paying much more than they should for AC installation--simply because they haven't selected the best air conditioner for their situation. If you have plans to purchase a new air conditioner for one of the rooms in your house, read on. This article will present two important considerations to help guide you. Read More 

Three Reasons Why Your Art Gallery Needs To Invest In Standby Generators

If you own and operate an art gallery, then you already know the importance of keeping art at an even temperature and moderate humidity. If you have a really large gallery, then you probably also have some really large energy demands and equally as large air conditioners. Your electrical power room probably contains some large power generators, but you should also consider investing in standby generators. Here are three reasons why you should seriously consider such an investment. Read More 

Why Does One Room In Your Home Stay Hot?

While your air conditioning system cools the rest of your home adequately, one room in your home remains hot. There could be multiple factors working in conjunction to cause this disparity, or it could result from a single issue. Possible causes include: Problems with the air conditioning system Your air conditioning system doesn't consist solely of the unit outside on the concrete pad. If the cooling problem is isolated to one room, the unit should be functioning properly. Read More