First Time Homeowner? What You Need to Learn About Plumbing

If you are a first time home buyer, you likely do not know a lot about some home maintenance areas. One of these areas may be plumbing. It is important that you learn about plumbing so that you will know if there are problems and know what to do if something does happen. To get you ready for potential issues, below are two plumbing problems you should know about. Bathroom Sink Clogs Read More 

4 Options That You Will Want to Consider for an Energy Efficient HVAC System for Your Home

The HVAC system you have installed in your home could be outdated and inefficient. Therefore, you may be looking for more efficient solutions to help make your home more energy-efficient. This could be a geothermal, heat pump, or other modern HVAC design that is more efficient. The following HVAC solutions are some of the options you will want to consider for an energy-efficient heating and cooling installation: 1. Geothermal Heat Exchange Loops for a More Efficient HVAC Installation for Your Home Read More 

How To Handle An Air Conditioning Repair Emergency For Less

You probably know how great it feels to step into an air-conditioned (AC) home on a hot day. The cool chill feels so refreshing against your skin and instantly makes you forget about the blazing temperatures that are just outside your door. Now, think about the opposite situation. What happens when you crank up the AC unit only to find that the climate in your house does not change? Your cooling system no longer works and you need to get it repaired immediately. Read More 

Factors To Weigh When Deciding Whether To Schedule Heating Installation In The Winter

If your furnace is beyond its expected life or it's starting to need frequent repairs, talk to a furnace contractor about whether it's time to replace the furnace or if you can get through the winter by putting more money into repairs. This decision is often based on the type of repairs that are needed and their cost. Here are some things to consider when you're debating about getting a new furnace during cold weather. Read More 

Tips For Diagnosing Your Broken Air Conditioner In Three Situations

Is your home's air conditioner giving you problems? Find ways to diagnose what the problem could possibly be with these helpful tips.  The Air Conditioner Does Nothing There are a few reasons why it seems like your air conditioner is not doing anything. Start by looking at the circuit breaker in your home, since it is possible that the air conditioner tripped the circuit and it has to be manually turned back on. Read More